Loire Valley, France

Angers Area: Savennières Vineyard Run

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The area around Savennières is a great opportunity to experience some scenic running in hillside vineyards. Located 15 km south of Angers and just north of Ile Béhuard & the Loire River, Savennières is a village reputed for its vineyards and wine estates. There’s also a train station right there.

For running, there are numerous scenic hillside roads (avoid the D11). They’re mainly traffic free, but they’re narrow so you’ll have to be aware of cars. There’s also a trail called the Chemin des Perrières, a pedestrian path that goes up into the hillside for  1.7 km, climbing 50m. We’ve put together a 5k loop that combines this path with, then returning west to Savennières using the bike path adjacent to the D11. Runners can also create their own route on the numerous quiet roads in the hillside.

Add-On: Additional quiet roads in the hillside passing numerous vineyards. Or, combine with our Ile Béhuard route. Also, just east of the bike path alongside the D11, the path continues east along the Loire River to Angers — part of the 280 km Loire à Vélo bike path.



  • Loop using Chemin des Perrières path is 5 km. Many options to add on & create your own route
  • 50m (122 feet)
  • Near train station
  • Train station: Savennières - Béhuard