London, UK

Regent’s Canal Path

Wikimedia Commons: David Dixon
The Regent’s Canal is a nearly 200-year-old waterway linking Paddington Basin and Limehouse Basin, winding its way through numerous London neighborhoods and connecting several major parks and green spaces. A towpath runs along the canal for 8.6 miles. It’s mostly very scenic, featuring canal views and nice shade, with few industrial sections.

We’ve mapped 7.5 miles one-way, starting from the north end of Regent’s Park, all the way to the Thames at Limehouse Basin, near the Docklands. Use the path as a standalone run, or as a way to connect numerous wonderful places to run along the way. One great run is to enjoy the paths of Regent’s Park and Victoria Park, using the canal path to connect them (~5 miles). Key Distances (cumulative) and landmarks, starting from the north end of Regent’s Park:

0.3 miles: Camden Lock
1.3 miles: Gasholder Park/Ganary Sq. Access to St. Pancreas Gardens on opposite  side, use Camley St.
2.9 miles. BREAK for 0.7 miles at Muriel. Go thru Culpeper Park and then Tolpuddle and Duncan. Path picks up again at City Road Basin
3.5 miles: Rosemary Gardens/Shoreditch Park
4.2 miles: Haggerston Park (opp side): 4.2
5.5 miles: Victoria Park: Here, Hertford Union Canal branches off left toward Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Regents Path continues right, heading south.
5.8 miles: Mile End Park. Scenic linear park by the canal featuring cycling and pedestrian pathways
7 miles: Limehouse Basin
7.5 miles: Thames River. Continue on our Docklands/Canary Wharf Run
  • Overall it's 8.6 miles one-way; We've mapped 7.5 miles (12 km) one-way
  • Quite flat
  • Any spot; Our route starts at the north end of Regent's Park, just across from London Zoo
  • Tube: Mornington Crescent; Train: Camden Road