Long Beach, CA

San Gabriel River Trail & Linear Park

Wikimedia Commons

This is an opportunity to put together a long, straightforward run through a series of parks that form a linear park, connected by the San Gabriel River Trail. Our map serves as a guideline for a route that stretches for 8+ miles, from El Dorado East Regional Park, and heading north to Bellflower. Use the river trail as the base to explore this series of parks. Along the way, there are numerous sports & fitness facilities. The River Trail itself is a popular, paved multi-use trail runs for 28 miles from Seal Beach to Azusa, just south of the San Gabriel Mountains/Angeles National Forest. There are mile markers.

Flickr: Jennifer Arrow

Start at El Dorado East Regional Parkwhich is ~5 miles north of the trail’s southern terminus at Seal Beach. There are numerous trails, bike paths, and fields that you can explore. It’s about 4 miles from the south to north end of the parks — so this can be its own self-contained route! To extend, use the River Trail to cross E. Carson St., into Rynerson Park/Monte Verde Park (40 acres of open space). Here, you can continue through the park for ~1 mile north to Del Almo Blvd. [Option here: head west along 2+ miles of trails through Heartwell Park to Veterans Stadium.] At Del Almo, continue into Liberty Park and Fitness Center for another ~1 mile to South St. This would be a good spot to stop or turn around, but you can continue along the River Trail for another 1.5+ miles to Bellflower City Park, and even further along the River Trail. Note, the terrain starts gaining elevation north of Liberty Park.

  • Up to 8.6 miles one-way, but many options to vary/add on to the route. Use map as anchor
  • Fairly flat
  • Closest to Long Beach is El Dorado Park
  • The numerous parks are good access points and have parking