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Long Beach, CA

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Long Beach is a city of nearly a half million people, located 20 miles south of Los Angeles. The 7th largest city in California, Long Beach is both a busy port and also known for its extensive waterfront recreation areas and well-managed parks. The city also has an inordinate number of golf courses. There’s an excellent variety of running in Long Beach, which is enhanced by the city’s year-round pleasant climate.

The two best places to run in Long Beach are the extensive Shoreline Path, combining waterfront parks and beachfront sections, and some very scenic bayfront running just south of the city in the Seal Beach/Marina area. There’s linear parks system, anchored by El Dorado Regional Park and linked by the West San Gabriel River Trail. Downtown running is also pleasant if you follow our route! For a hill & sunset run, head up to the Signal Hill area. And for a long, but not especially scenic route, you could run all the way to Los Angeles on the Los Angeles River Trail. For more area running, our L.A. running guide starts nearby at Palos Verdes, while our Orange County guide includes Huntington Beach, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach.

There is a bus and light rail system in downtown Long Beach. A light rail/subway also links Long Beach and L.A. As for weather, it’s great year-round, but there can be differences between the coast and just inland.

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Long Beach has a Mediterranean style climate typical of southern California. Temperatures are mild year-round and sunshine is abundant. Summer highs average in the 80s (26-29C), but nights do cool of as it is dry. Winter high temperatures average in thehigh-60sF (19C), but bring a layer as nights dip into the 40s (6C). There can be coastal fog, especially near the water and in summer — there are days it doesn’t burn off till afternoon, but it is sunnier and warmer just inland. Most of the ~12 inches of rain occurs during the winter months.


Long Beach is a popular business and visitor destination. It’s a major port and there are company HQ there and lots of conventions. Tourists come for the weather, beach, Knott’s Berry Farm, and other attractions. If you can, try to stay near the water, to enjoy the extensive waterfront running. Or, stay near the Marina in the Belmont Shore/Seal Beach area, for access to nice running. If inland, the area around El Dorado Park has nice running.


Runners High is an independent running store, in business for 40 years, with three locations in the Long Beach area.

Road Runner Sports. Iconic chain of running stores. Closest location to Long Beach is in Torrance.

There’s also a Nike Factory Store downtown.