Long Beach, CA

Signal Hill: Hilltop Parks and Great Views

Wikimedia Commons

A couple of miles inland in the Signal Hill area, there’s a series of small parks with hilly trails leading to panoramas with great views. We recommend doing this run near sunset. Create your own route or use our map as a guideline to do a run that includes the adjacent Signal Hill Park, Hilltop Park, Discovery Well Park, and Sunset Park. Note the area is hilly!

A good place to start is Chittick Field, which has a nice running track and some paths around the perimeter. Exit the field into Jenni Rivera Memorial Park, and run the 0,3 miles along the path, then RIGHT on E. Hill St. for 1/2 mile (not very pleasant), to Signal Hill Park. Run the paths of Signal Hill Park, then up to Hilltop Park (great views), along the Panorama Promenade to E. Panorama Dr., to Discover Well Park, then looping back along Hill St. to Sunset View Park. A good way back down to the start is to use Stanley Ave. to E. 21st St.

  • 4.2 mile (6.7 km) loop
  • 436 feet (132m)
  • Chittick Field or any one of the parks in the area
  • Ample parking and numerous access points