Lucerne, Switzerland

Bireggwald Paths

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The Bireggwald are part of a large athletics complex and area in Lucerne, consisting of lovely wooded walking paths and a range of fitness facilities. The Bireggwald itself is a network of paths, mainly wooded, that are popular for walking and trail running. The trails, which are generally wide with good footing, extend from the athletic complex in the west, near the Allmend/Messe train station, east to Hirtenhofstrasse. One can easily do 5-6 km in here — we’ve mapped a 4.5 loop of the perimeter. The trails are well marked, with all sorts of signs pointing to additional opportunities for longer routes. The Bireggwald also features a Vitaparcours, which is sort of like an unpaved running trail. Note: the paths are very hilly, with some steep spots!

At the western end of the Bireggwald is a huge athletics complex. There are large fields, a running track, pools, gyms, and other fitness facilities.

South of Bireggwald is a series of scenic, quiet roads with lovely lake views.

  • Perimeter loop is ~4.5 km. In all, 5-6 km of trails.
  • HILLY!! 143m (471 feet)
  • Good starting point is near the Allmend/Messe train station/athletics complex
  • Allmend/Messe train station. Can also run here from central Lucerne, 2 km.