Lucerne, Switzerland

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Lucerne is a small city in Switzerland popular for its spectacular setting on Lake Lucerne amisdst the snowcapped Alps. The Old Town (Altstadt) is on the north side of the Reuss River, which feeds into Lake Lucerne. There’s a good variety of scenic running in Lucerne. The signature run is along the paths of Lake Lucerne, with ~3.5 km on both the north and south sides of the lake. There’s also a lovely path along the Reuss River, and a fantastic loop around Rodsee Lake, just north of the Altstadt. The Gütschwald and Bireggwald offer hilly, wooded trails for running near the city. For a taste of pastoral running on paths through mountain farms and fields, the Kriens paths can’t be beat. Trail runners will find abundant and challenging trail running opportunities in the surrounding mountains.

Note that while the lake and river running in Lucerne is fairly flat, it gets hilly just outside the city.

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Lucerne has a decent climate for running year-round, with cool winters and mild summers. In summer, average high temperatures are 25C (75F), though the mountain air means nights can cool off. In winter, daytime temperatures climb to just above freezing (4C), with nights dipping just below freezing. Annual snowfall only averages 66 cm (26 inches), though it’s much more abundant in the surrounding mountains. Summers can be cloudy and rainy.

Lucerne is a compact city with plenty of centrally located places to stay. Pretty much any centrally located accommodation will put you steps away from our signature running spots in Lucerne.

As Lucerne is an outdoor recreation center, there’s no shortage of stores selling running gear for such a small city. The signature running stores are Runners Point, and an Odlo store.