Maastricht, Netherlands

Jeker River and Greenbelt

The narrow Jeker River extends southwest from the historic center of Maastricht. A series of parks and paths alongside the river and through Maastricht University make for a pleasant run. We’ve put together a 5k route that serves as a guideline — it can be easily varied.

Start at the Helpoort gate, adjacent to Stadtpark. Head west along Vijfkoppen/Molenhofpad, then along riverside paths through the University campus, staying on the south side of the river, reaching the N278 after 1 km. Continue through Jekerpark, and along Meesenbroekwegfor another 1 km. There’s a number of sports facilities in the this area, including an older oval track. Turn around just past the Sportsclub and retrace your steps. Vary the return by heading to the north side of the river, and running along the paths of Waldeckpark (tourist site: underground caves), and through the University campus.

Add-Ons: Good opportunities to add-on with paths in the numerous parks, or in town along the Meuse River.

  • 4.5 km (2.75 miles) loop
  • Flat
  • Helpoort gate/Stadtpark