Maastricht, Netherlands

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Maastricht is a scenic university town in the southern Netherlands, near the Belgium border. The city is located on both sides of the Meuse River at the point where the Jeker River joins it. The bulk of the historic section is on the west side of the Meuse. There’s some excellent running in Maastricht, centered around the two rivers and some of the compact city’s historic sections. Our thanks to Raoul Spronken & Maastricht Running Tours for their help with this guide!

The best places to run in Maastricht are on the paths along the Meuse River. The Jeker River also has nice some nice paths, often combined with sections around Maastricht University. We’ve also put together a terrific ‘runseeing’ tour, incorporating the city’s historic site, main squares, major shopping streets, signature parks, and old forts. And, here’s a rarity for the Netherlands: some hill running, on St. Pietersberg!  If you’d like a guided running experience, we recommend Maastricht Running Tours.

The main public transport in Maastricht consists of buses. It is easy though to go around on foot or use the shared bikes system (Note: Burg=Bridge; Straat=Street).

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The climate in Maastricht is similar to other parts of the Netherlands, but a little warmer in summer and colder in winter, owing to its inland location. Summers are mild and pleasant, with high temperatures in the 23C mid-70sF) range. Winters are cool but not frigid, with daytime highs in the mid-40s) 7C and nights around freezing.  Snow is occasional.  Precipitation is roughly evenly spread throughout the year.

Make sure not to stay outside the city center (postal code 6211 or 6221) when you enjoy city life. Good to know that hotels around the main square (Vrijthof) or Market might be noisy because of the student nightlife. Most have quiet rooms on the backside though.
There are also plenty of hotels to choose from around the main train station. Look also into the many B&Bs.
Room prices go up during the annual Art Fair [] and Andre Rieu home concerts in summer –


There are two dedicated running stores in Maastricht:


Lopers Company

Also, there’s Wilma Running in nearby Sittard.


If you’d like a guided running experience, we recommend Maastricht Running Tours.

Running clubs in the city offer daily training sessions:  (member of the Dutch Athletics Association – track, road and trail training)   (road and trail run training)

Good event calendar for road races in Maastricht, the surrounding area, and over the border in Belgium and Germany.