Liège, Belgium

See Also Our Running Guide to Nearby Maastricht, Netherlands

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Liège is a major city in the Belgian municipality of Wallonia, at the confluence of the Meuse and Ourthe rivers.  A cultural and commercial hub, Liège is in the French-speaking part Belgium. The situation for running in Liège is centered on riverfront trails and multi-use paths that are part of numerous longer-distance cycling routes traversing Wallonia. Our thanks to Raoul Spronken of Maastricht Running Tours for his help with this guide!

One of the best places to run in Liège is our ‘Runseeing‘ tour, which showcases river paths, parks, and the historical centre. The most scenic of the riverfront routes is the path along the Meuse headed north. It’s also possible to run south for many km along the Ourthe River, or east on the Ligne 38 Velo route.

Runners should also consult our guide to Maastricht, Netherlands, which is only 30 km north and is a 1/2 hour train ride.

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Typical Belgian climate with cool, damp, cloudy winters and mild summers. Not a lot of sunshine in winter. Summer temperatures are mild, and not overly hot. Precipitation is fairly well spread through the year. Runners should be prepared for cool and damp in winter, though extensive snow & ice is rare.

Try to say somewhere central, near or inside the Bd. de la Sauvenière, and south of the N3, for out to the door access to the best places to run in Liège.


There are some good running stores in the outskirts of the city: Rrunnin Tilff, TraKKs Liège, and Jogging Plus.


Run in Liège is an important resource for running in Liège, with numerous group running events throughout the week. Check here for more details.

Zapotek Acedemie does group runs as well.

Running calendar for events in Liège and vicinity, from Ahotu.

These two main races in town are:
In neighboring Visé, the Schneider Electric Maasmarathon. May.