Mallorca, Spain

Alcúdia, Port d’Alcúdia, Albufereta Wetlands

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There is wonderful running in the northeast of Mallorca. We recommend a  route incorporating a ‘create your own tour’ of Alcúdia, then taking one of the pretty roads for 1.5 km down to the coast and enjoying the 4 km seaside promenade along Port d’Alcúdia.

The restored walled city of Alcúdia is located 1.5 km inland from the Port d’Alcúdia. The medieval town has remains of ancient houses and a theatre. Create your own route along the maze of narrow streets, being sure to include Carrer d’en Serra, and the Roman remains of Pollentia. Then, take one of the roads to the port — the main road is Carrer de Pollèntia, which has sidewalks and passes farms and vineyards. Even prettier is the unnamed road just to the west that passes the Roman remains of Pollentia and the Theatre (narrow, no sidewalk). At the port, enjoy the 4.3 km seaside promenade: east for 1 km to the ferry terminal, and then for 2 km south along the beach, and an additional 1 km along a lakeside path bordering the residential area (see map).

Other Area Options: Some of the roads north of Alcúdia, such as Av. Corral d’en Bennàssar, are also pretty for running, passing by farms and vineyards, with little traffic.

Albufereta Wetlands. 5 km south of Port d’Alcudia.  Large area popular for birdwatching has numerous trails, mostly paved. One can do 12+ km here along waterside trails and and interior sections that are pastoral, passing small villages, farms, and lovely homes. TRAIL MAP

  • Town tour is 3-4 km; Road to coast is 1.5 km; Port d'Alcúdia path is 4.3 km

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  • Town tour is 3-4 km; Road to coast is 1.5 km; Port d'Alcúdia path is 4.3 km