Montreal, QC

Angrignon Park and Aqueduct Paths

Flickr: abdallahh

Angrignon Park is a 97 hectare (240 acre) park that has wonderful walking trails through woods and around ponds. It’s also steps from the Metro. One can do a loop of ~ 5 km (3 miles) around the park. From the park, there are two pedestrian bridges that connect to the Aqueduct Canal, which has a paved bike path alongside of it that run for several km in either direction.

Heading west along the canal paths for 4 km, you’ll reach Aqueduct Canal Park, which connects to the Lachine Rapids paths. See our route there! You could do quite a loop involving the park, the canal paths and the rapids paths. One can also connect to the Lachine Rapids paths further east along the aqueduct path, using one of the side streets (~1 km).





  • ~5 km of trails around the park. Aqueduct Canal bike path goes for several km in each direction
  • In park or along canal path
  • Metro: Angrignon; To access the Canal path further east, use Jolicoeur metro station