Nagano, Japan

Chausuyama Botanical Gardens and Dinosaur Park


The Chausuyama Botanical Gardens and Dinosaur Park, located on the west edge of Nagano, has some of the city’s finest park running. It’s a popular spot for children, due to the dinosaur statues and playground equipment, but adults will also enjoy breezing through the verdant botanical gardens and climbing the hilly paved paths. The best route to create a long run is to do two out and backs from the main parking area: one to the right (towards the Dinosaur Park) and one to the left (towards the Botanical Gardens. We recommend running through the Dinosaur Park as a novelty warmup, then backtracking and taking a loop through the gardens. The route is about 5k round trip.

  • 5 km (3 miles)
  • 225 meters (739 feet)
  • Chausuyama Parking Lot
  • No public transport