Athens, Greece

National Gardens & Panathenaic Stadium

The National Gardens Park is located in the heart of Athens, and offers some great running and walking opportunities in a green setting, passing by some historic sites as well. At about 160,000 square meters, one can put together a 2-3 mile run on the park’s trails. Highlights include the Panathenaic Stadium, site of the first Modern Olympic Games, held in 1896; the Zappeion, a grand hall with Olympic History exhibits, a botanical garden, and at the park’s southern end, the Arch of Hadrian, and the Temple of Zeus. walking. Within the park there is a small zoo, a small cafe at the entrance of ‘Herodou Attikou’, a playground and fountain-like places where you can get drinking tap water. The nearest Metro Station is ‘Syntagma’, which is situated right next to the park.

Please note that RunninGreece offers an open training every Saturday morning in the National Gardens.

Add-On: Combine with the Panathenaic Stadium or ‘Kallimarmaro’. The stadium is the place where the 1st Modern Olympic Games took place in 1896 and the finishing line of the Athens Marathon, the Authentic which takes place every November. There is a specially designed dirt path around the stadium. The ideal time to run is in the evening, when there is a clear lit view of the Acropolis.  The Kallimarmaro is situated next to the hill Ardittos, which is run-able but challenging.

  • 2-3 miles in the park. Other good add-on options nearby.
  • 100 feet
  • Entrance point 'E' on the map image. Or, the Syntagma metro station.
  • Syntagma metro station right next to the park