Delhi, India

Lodhi Neighborhood and Gardens


Just south of India Gate, the Lodhi Estate neighborhood is one of the most charming running areas in the city of New Delhi. The main attraction here is the Lodhi Gardens. This 90 acre collection of beautiful tombs, lakes, and plantings is criss-crossed with stone paved and gravel paths. A circuit around the park is about 2.5 km, with lots of cross paths to add variation to your route. However, runners should definitely take a tour of the streets outside the gardens, especially the Lodhi Colony Art District. Heading south from the gardens on Meera Marg, runners will encounter a series of huge murals, spiraling onto nearby gridlike streets. Most murals, introduced during the Lodhi Art Festival, can be found between blocks 5 and 17, in the area surrounding Khanna Market. Sidewalks here are in great condition, and traffic is pretty light compared with the rest of the city. 

  • 2.5 km with longer options
  • 9 meters
  • Lodhi Road
  • Mausam Bhawan