Delhi, India

Sanjay Van

The dirt tracks of Sanjay Van may qualify as trail running by New Delhi standards, but these wide and smooth trails are without a doubt inviting, even for dedicated road runners. This 783 acre forest park is a great place to spot local flora and fauna, including dancing peacocks and native trees. While there are some technical side trails in the forest, the main “figure 8” loop through the park is about 4 km, and fine for runners of all abilities. There are guide maps in the park, with distance options.

For more distance, use the Meharuli Trail heading towards the National Institute of TB and Respiratory Disease. About 3 km north is Deer Park, where there are some nice trails and a loop around a lake. On the way there, you can pass through the Indian Institute of Technology, which has some great paths and sidewalks. 

  • 4 km (2.5 miles) 'figure 8' loop
  • 20m (65 feet)
  • Park entrance off Meharuli, near Medeor Hospital
  • Bus: Sanskrit Vidyapeeth; Subway: Magenta line R.K. Puram stop is ~2km northeast of park