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Lake Winnipesaukee Area: Castle in the Clouds

Creative Commons: Fletcher

Castle in the Clouds is a worth-it destination run, in the Moltonborough area of the Lake Winnipesaukee region. This mountaintop estate features a 1913 mansion with gorgeous grounds, gardens and fantastic views of the lake. There’s also access to 28 miles of hiking trails over 5,200 acres.

Castle Grounds: A run around the historic grounds is a real treat. It’s easy to put together 2-3 miles on the road and trails (note: admission fee might be required, limited hours). You can also park at one of the trailheads (and avoid paying a charge) to access the hiking paths/trails).

Hiking Trails. There’s a lot of variety on the hiking trails! The easier/more runnable options are the Brook Trail (1 mile out and back) and the Oak Ridge Interpretive Trail (1.8 mile loop). The trails to Mt. Shaw and Mt. Roberts are rugged and challenging.

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