Kyiv, Ukraine

Northwestern Kyiv Parks: Dubky, Nyvky, Syretsʹkyy, Babyn Yar

Nyvky Park. Creative Commons: Dantsh
Dubky Park. Google Street View

There’s a series of several parks in northwest Kyiv that offer some very pleasant running. Dubky Park, Nyvky Park, Syretsʹkyy Park and, Babyn Yar Park can be run standalone or combined for a longer run. The area has good metro access. We take a pause here to acknowledge the terrible history of Babi Yar, where some 100,000 Jews were slaughtered between 1941 and 1943.

We’ve mapped a 10k route combining Dubky Park, Nyvky Park and Syretsʹkyy Park. Start with 2 km through Park Dubky, which has wide mainly wooded paths. Exit the southern end and run for 1 km to Nyvky Park (Mahistralna St., left on Cherkaska St.). Nyvky Park is the largest of the these parks — a full loop on its mainly gravel paths, which includes two lakes, is 4 km. Exit the northeastern end next to the U.S. Embassy onto Parkovo-Syretska St. for 0.5 km into the smaller Syretsʹkyy Park, which has ~1 km of allée-like paths. Exit the northern end onto Ryzka St. to complete the loop.

Add-On: Babyn Yar Park is 1 km northeast of Syretsʹkyy Park. It’s nearly 3 km end-to-end on mainly wide, tree-lined paths.


  • Dubky Park is ~2 km loop, Nyvky Park is ~4 k. loop. A route combining the three parks is ~10 km.
  • 80m (266 feet) for 10k loop
  • Any one of these parks. Our 10k mapped route starts at Dubky Park
  • Metro Line 3: Syrets for Dubky Park, Dorohozhychi Beresteiska for Babyn Yar; Metro Line 1 Beresteiska for Nyvky Park