Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaxa City Center and Parque Juarez El Llano

This run is focused on the highlights of Oaxaca’s historic city center. Rather than design a specific route, we recommend creating your own tour, which can be several km by enjoying the rather grid-like pattern. The ‘city center’ is bound by Parque El Llano in the north, and the 175 Highway to the south (~1.5 km), and from Periférico in the east and then west for 1.5 km. Best to to run early to avoid the crowds!

A good starting spot is Parque Juarez El Llano, an open space featuring intertwining stone paved paths, including a 700 meter running circuit. It’s a lively spot, with lots of street vendors and strollers. Runners will enjoy the surrounding architecture, from the Iglesia de Guadalupe to the garden statues. If running laps around the 700 meter circuit gets old, it’s easy to connect to the nearby Jardin Conzatti (Botanical Gardens) on the well-maintained nearby sidewalks. Av Benito Juárez and and Suarez, the roads on the east and west borders of the park, both have good running. Reforma is a pretty choice leading past the gardens and into the city center. Runners will also enjoy a jaunt up and down the “Andador Turistico” (Calle Macedonio Alcala), the pedestrian-only stretch of shops and cafes in the city center. Zócalo Oaxaca, the public square, is another highlight.

  • .8 km (.5 miles)
  • 5 meters (15 feet)
  • Calle Suarez
  • Parada Llano 1 Bus Stop