Oregon Coast, OR

Nehalem Bay Area

Wikimedia Commons: Don Graham

Some highlights of running in the Nehalem Bay area fantastic, runnable beaches, a short bike path in Nehalem Bay State Park, and some quiet streets in Manzanita.

Beaches. Gorgeous, wide 5-mile beach for running, with firm, packed sand and great views. Starts as Neahkahnie Beach at the north end at Neakahnie-Manzanita State Park, continues south to Manzanita (1.3 miles), Nehalem Bay State Park/Sunset Beach (3 miles), to the end of Nehalem Beach at North Jetty. ROUTE MAP (One-Way)

For another beach, across the spit at South Jetty is Nedonna Beach, where there’s 6 more miles of beach running, including Manhattan Beach and Rockaway Beach. The northern end at Nadona Beach is wider, the southern end can be narrower.

Bike Path. A 2-mile forested bike path in Nehalem Bay State Park starts near the ranger station. PARK MAP.

Road Running:  Some quiet roads for running in the coastal town of Manzanita, including about 1 mile of waterfront road and a small city park. Also, a longer road run can be Classic Rd. from Manzanita into the State Park. There are some scenic sections of the Coast Highway in this area, but the shoulder tends to be narrow/inconsistent and we don’t recommend it for running.







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