Oxford, UK

River Thames Options: Iffley Lock, Port Meadow, Christ Church Meadow

Tejvan Pettinger

Running in Oxford is centralized around the River Thames’ multi-use paths. There are plenty of good options for a run along the water, whether you choose a long destination run, a short out-and-back, or a loop around one of the scenic surrounding parks. Feel free to get out and explore at your own leisure, but we’ve mapped a few popular options to guide you. 

Thames Path to Iffley Lock:

If you prefer an out and back along the River Thames, we’ve mapped another option between the centrally located King’s Centre conference center and the historic Iffley Lock. It’s about 7.3 km (4.5 miles) there and back. For a longer run, paths continue south along the Thames for many miles.  ROUTE MAP.

Christ Church Meadow:

Christ Church Meadow (affectionately dubbed ChCh by locals), is one of the most attractive running options in Oxford due to its easy terrain and proximity to downtown. This spacious green area sits at the confluence of the River Thames and River Cherwell and has paths along both banks. A loop around the grounds, following Broad Walk and the Christ Church Meadow Walk, is 2 km. Runners can extend their route by following the River Thames (north or south) or following the River Cherwell Paths into the University Parks. ROUTE MAP

Port Meadow Loop:

This is a great 10k loop, from Oxford Station to along the River Thames to the Port Meadow area, northwest of central Oxford. These 300-acre common lands rest between the Thames, Castle Mill Stream, and the Oxford Canal. Take the Thames path for 1 km to the southern edge of Port Meadow, then for another 2 km on its western edge. Then, enjoy a ~5 km loop of the meadow, around the grassy interior paths of Burgess Fields and the dirt lanes along the canals.  ROUTE MAP.


  • Deepends on route chosen
  • Varies
  • Depends on route chosen, or start anywhere along the river!
  • All our routes start near Downtown or Oxford Station