Oxford, UK

Shotover Country Park

The vast fields and woodlands of Shotover Country Park in Headington have abundant opportunities for light trail running. Shotover makes a great destination for a run from Oxford or Cowley, but it’s also a great route on its own. There are three main paths throughout the park, all of which start at Mary Sadler’s Field. They range between 1-3 miles, with lots of side paths branching out. The terrain is a combination of fields and woods. There is also a cycling lane, leading towards Horspath, but it is reserved for bike and equestrian use only. For reference, we’ve mapped a 5.4 km loop around the perimeter of the park.

If traveling from Oxford, cross the Magdalen Bridge to St. Clements, cut through South Park, then follow Old Road to Shotover (about 5 km one way).

Good transport access — bus to Masons Road East.

  • Many path options; Park perimeter is 5.4 km
  • Varies
  • Old Road
  • Run from Oxford: Old Road; Transport: take bus to Masons Road East