Penang, Malaysia

City Park and Jesselton Neighborhood

Wikimedia Commons

City Park, also known as Youth Park, is a pleasant, green space in the western part of George Town. We recommend combining City Park with the nearby Jesselton neighborhood and even the Botanical Gardens (1 km north of City Park).

Start at the City Park parking lot. The main road has a shaded canopy, and is ~1 km through the park. There are some other paths around the facilities, which include swimming pools and a picnic area. To continue, we recommend staying on Persiaran Kuari, with the Cemetery on the left, into the Jesselton neighborhood. Here, you can enjoy some of the quieter, shaded streets. Our route does a quick loop out to the Shrine Of Sayyidina Kaful Ali, using Jalan Jesselton. For the return, retrace your steps, or for variety, take Jalan Utama, which is busier but runnable. Note: Jalan=Road.

Add-Ons: Enjoy some of the quiet, shaded streets of the Jesselton neighborhood.  Botanical Gardens  are 1 km north of City Park. There’s also a trail to Penang Hill from City Park, but note the area is very hilly and steep.


  • 6.9 km (4.3 miles)
  • 44m (146 feet)
  • City Park parking lot
  • Bus Route 10 from Georgetown