Perth, Australia

Hill Work: Jacobs Ladder and Mount St.

Flickr: David Stanley

For those who want to get in some hill work in a central location, there are some terrific options on the Kings Park area. Then most popular – and punishing – is Jacobs Ladder, which consists of 242 concrete steps rising roughly 135 feet (41m).  Repeat ascents of the ‘ladder’ are common among veterans, however newcomers may find themselves (primarily their quads) overwhelmed after just one repeat. There are pullouts along the way. Note: the steps are narrow and it can get busy so best to avoid during peak times. There is a water fountain at the top .

For more hills, Mount St. which intersects Cliff St (the top of Jacobs Ladder) rises 141 feet (43m) in 820 feet (250m,) and is very quiet. The Kokoda track (trail) in Kings Park also offers a challenge for anyone looking for some serious accent.

For a longer run, Kings Park is right there — use  Cliff Street at the top of Jacobs Ladder which leads, via Bellevue Terrace and a path to the park entrance.

  • Jacobs Ladder: 242 steps. Mount St. 250m. More in Kings Park for a longer run
  • Jacobs Ladder and Mount St. are 84m combined
  • Cliff St off Mounts Bay road. Just north of Mount Hospital
  • 1 km from the heart of the Perth CBD; Bus access on Mounts Bay Road