Michael T

Though significantly shorter than other west coast beaches like Patong and Karon, Kata Beach enjoys the same firm sand that makes running the beaches of Phuket unforgettable. On the south end, the beach opens up just across from the Chanalai Garden Resort. From there, Kata runs north for nearly a mile before a rocky head separates it from Karon Beach. To extend your route to Karon Beach, simply hop on Soi Pakbang, which connects the two towns with a fairly wide sidewalk. The southern end of the Soi Pakbang sidewalk borders most of Kata Beach, and has some nice shady palm trees if you need to get out of the sun.

Add-On: Karon Beach just to the north.


  • 1.6 km (1 mile)
  • 9 meters (30 feet)
  • Chanalai Garden Resort
  • 4233 Road