Phuket, Thailand

Patong Headlands: Patong Beach to Paradise Beach

If the tides or the crowds aren’t right for a run on Patong Beach, another popular route is this 10k through the Patong Headlands. This hilly route from the iconic Patong Beach sign in the center of the city, and runs southwest out to the Paradise Beach area, using Thawewong and Muen-Ngern Roads. For a perfect 10k, turn around just past the Elephant Sanctuary, or put in a little extra and turn around once you reach Paradise Beach, which makes for an 11.5 km out and back. A brick sidewalk follows the road for most of the way, but conditions peter out the closer you get to the beach. Where the sidewalk ends, beware of vehicles — especially mopeds — on the narrow, windy road. Although it can get steep at times, this route is a must-run for hill lovers. There are water views some of the way.

Note: Challenging, with rolling hills and a couple of short sections of steeper grades.

  • 11.5 km (7.2 miles) out and back
  • 363 meters (1191 feet)
  • Patong Beach Sign
  • Thawewong Road