Porto, Portugal

Douro River Run, North Side: Ribeira to Foz


This is one of our favorite routes in Porto. There are two options to run along the Douro River to the beach in Porto: the Foz side (north) or the Gaia (south) side. This 6 km one-way run starts at Ribeira, at the Luiz 1 Bridge. Run along the river, heading west toward the ocean. There is a good sidewalk or dedicated path along most of the way. Great views of the water, bridges, and important sites. The run concludes when you reach the piers/beach/fort area at the water. You can add 0.6 km one-way running out the pier to the Farolins da Barra do Douro monument, or 0.5 km one-way to the Felgueiras lighthouse. One cool thing: at the Arrábida Bridge, you can climb up the stairs to the bridge. Note it’s a bit busy near Foz, and the path quality not 100% consistent.

Some landmarks (or turnarounds), from Ribeira:

  • 1.5 km: Port Wine Museum
  • 2.8 km: Arrábida Bridge ** Porto Bridge Climb!
  • 4 km: Seaside path, for 1 km
  • 5.2 km: Alegre Garden
  • 6 km (3.7 miles) one-way
  • Flat
  • Ribeira, at the Luiz 1 Bridge; Foz: at Beach/Pier
  • Foz not that well served by public transport