Houston, TX

Rice University Loop & West University Place Neighborhood

Rice University is centrally located and has a very pretty campus for running. Enjoy walking paths lined with magnificent oak trees, an ivy-covered gate,  an lovely buildings. A 2.9-mile dirt trail that goes around the campus is great for running.

Add-Ons/Longer Runs: 

  • Hermann Park, just east across Main St.
  • Brays Bayou, which is just south of and connects to Hermann Park
  • West University Place neighborhood, which has lovely, tree-lined streets featuring gorgeous homes (we’ve mapped a route from Sunset Blvd. to Mandell to North Boulevard to Morningside to Rice Blvd.)
  • Can put together couple of miles on campus, and/or 2.9-mile loop trail; Hermann Park option is 6 miles, West University Place loop is 4 miles
  • Main St. & Sunset Blvd. or other places along trail
  • Access: Hermann Park/Rice U Station