Richmond, VA

Maymont Park and Byrd Park

This is a lovely area for running in Richmond. Combine the paths of Maymont Park and Byrd Park, and add on with the area’s attractive residential streets.

Maymont Park. Mark Lowenstein

Maymont Park is a lovely Victorian estate complete with botanical gardens and trails. Don’t let the elegant scenery fool you — this park can be a tough workout, with plenty of challenging hills. A paved path runs around the perimeter of the park, which includes two small lakes. clocking in at about 3.2 miles, but you can tack on extra mileage with cross paths, or by combining this route with Byrd Park or the North Bank Trail.

Byrd Park. Mark Lowenstein

Byrd Park.  Maymont’s neighbor to the west, has a variety of walking paths, including loops around its three lakes. However, the most popular route is the park’s 1 mile VITA course. This packed gravel trail features stationary exercise equipment — like pull up bars — so you can sprinkle some strength training into your workout. For a longer run, combine with the Maymont circuit for a total of about 4 miles.

Add-Ons: The parks are set in an attractive residential neighborhood. Add on with the Carillon Historic District and the area’s other residential streets.  At the south end of Maymont/Byrd Park, there are connections to the North Bank Trail, part of the James River Trail System (use the Pump House Parking Lot).


  • Maymont Park: 3.2 mile loop. Can be combined with Byrd Park
  • 206 feet
  • Maymont Nature/Visitors Center
  • Meadow and Amelia Bus Stop