Richmond, VA

University of Richmond

The University of Richmond is a classic college campus, with beautiful brick buildings, manicured courtyards, and the lovely Westhampton Lake at its heart. A pretty 1 mile loop of the campus is made possible by combining the Blue, Red, and Gold campus trail loops. Most of the paths are paved, but the wooded Red trail along the creek offers some slightly more technical terrain. Start off Westhampton Way, near the tennis courts, and wrap east around the Greek Theater towards the lake. Swing around the lake counter-clockwise, cross the long footbridge over the water, and do a loop through the forest. When you get back to the water, take a RIGHT to return to Westhampton Way via the theater. For more mileage, explore some of the other paths and sidewalks around campus. Or, connect to Cary Street/Grove Avenue for some additional street running.

  • Main lake loop is ~1 mile, but lots of add-on options
  • 131 feet
  • Tennis Courts
  • UR Student Commons Bus Stop