Richmond, VA

Great Richmond Neighborhoods for Running

Taber Andrew Bain

Richmond has a particularly high number of nice neighborhoods for running. Quiet, tree-lined streets with grand, historic homes. A few favorites:

Museum District – Author Photo

Museum District and Fan District. A great neighborhood to explore via running. Pleasant residential streets and also some fun, hip commercial spots as well. At the east end, include a jaunt through the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) campus and into Monroe Park. In the north end of the neighborhood is Monument St., which has a 1-mile section passing by numerous important monuments, anchored by the Robert E Lee Memorial.

Near West End. Just west of the Museum District, nice running in the ‘Near West End’ neighborhood (West of I-195). Running groups like to meet up in the Carytown neighborhood in the Museum District and set out on the long brick sidewalks heading west on Cary Street. From here, some of the best streets to connect with are Grove Ave. and Malvern Ave. — both feature lots of nice homes along long, straight sidewalks. Starting from Carytown, we’ve mapped a ~6 mile loop of Cary Street, Grove Ave, and Malvern. ROUTE MAP

West of the Museum District:  Explore Windsor Farms (just west of I-195 and south of Cary), which is designed to look like a traditional English village, and features winding streets lined with Colonial Revival homes. Just north of Cary, the streets off Grove Ave., known as Near West End, are very pleasant for running. They get windier and grander around the Country Club and the University of Richmond campus. Put in extra miles on the gorgeous campus.

Riverside Drive Neighborhood. Some hilly, attractive residential streets come off Riverside Dr.  See our route there.

Maymont/Byrd Park Area. Some very pretty streets adjacent to these parks, can be run standalone or in combination with our route there.

  • Carytown Route: 5.8 miles (9.3 km)
  • Carytown Route: 269 feet. Note the Riverside neighborhood is especially hilly
  • W Cary & McCloy for Carytown Route
  • Cary and Sheppard Bus Stop