Richmond, VA

Riverside Drive Neighborhood

Mark Lowenstein

Riverside Drive is an attractive road for running, with views to the river and historic bridges, as well as running through a scenic residential neighborhood. It’s on the south side of the James River and rides above the James River trail system, providing numerous access points to those trails as well. It runs for 2 miles between Bell Isle and the Boulevard Toll Bridge. There are a few sections without sidewalks, but the traffic is not too bad. We recommend getting off Riverside Dr. and explore some of the attractive residential streets. Note there are some hills!

To access Riverside Dr., take one of the suspension bridges from the north bank through Bell Isle. Alternatively, you can park at the Reedy Creek Trail Parking Lot.

Add-Ons. For some hilly trail running, Forest Hill Park comes off Riverside Dr.

  • 2 miles one-way between Bell Isle and the Boulevard Toll Bridge.
  • 117 feet (35m) one-way
  • From one of the bridges on the north side, or from Reedy Creek Trail Parking Lot