Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John Grand Tour

Ron Cogswell

This sprawling tour of Saint John is a great long distance run on its own, but runners can also use the map as a guide to pick and choose some of the best road running in the city. Some parts of this run, such as the Harbour Passage Trail and Rockwood Park are also showcased in separate posts.  

Our route starts out on the Harbour Passage Trail, heading west to the Reversing Falls Bridge. Then, take Douglas Avenue back north (Optional 2 km detour: LEFT onto Fallsview Ave to Reversing Falls to see Saint John’s tides in action. The extremity of high tide causes the rapids of the Saint John river to run backwards.) The journey north up Douglas Ave. passes some of the finest homes in the city. Turn LEFT onto Main Street then take the next RIGHT onto Adelaide, which will turn into Milledge Ave. This stretch isn’t the most scenic, but there is a nice long sidewalk for the next ~3 km. At the end of Milledge, turn RIGHT onto Kennebecasis Drive, a somewhat narrow but quiet pavement with intermittent river views. After 4 km, turn RIGHT onto Sandy Point Road, which leads directly into Rockwood Park. Use any combination of trails to cut south through the park, then emerge on Mount Pleasant Ave and continue straight through a pretty neighborhood. Using Cedar Grove Crescent, First Street, and Cranston Ave, pick your way to Somerset Street. This major vein is busy, but has a sidewalk that leads straight into the city. Continue straight on Garden Street then take a quick RIGHT onto Coburg Street to arrive back uptown. A RIGHT onto King Street at King’s Square will bring you right back to the start.

  • Up to 21 km (13 miles)
  • 241 meters (792 feet)
  • Market Square
  • King Street