Salvador, Brazil

Av. Centenário

In spite of the numerous waterfront paths in Salvador, one of the most popular places to run in the city is down a busy highway median. Don’t let that deter you, this linear park is actually nicely manicured, and features bonuses like stationary exercise equipment, benches, and shady trees. Runners can pick up the path anywhere between the Barra Shopping Mall and Hospital Santo Amaro. The stretch is about 1.6 km one way. However, it’s easy to lengthen this run by cutting across R. Dr. Artur Neiva at the south end to Av. Oceanica. Runners could also cut over to Ave. Sete de Setembro via Av. Euclydes da Cunha for a 5.7 km loop. There are some less-than-scenic sections, but there are sidewalks the whole way. 

  • 1.6 km one way or 5.7 km loop
  • 28-86 meters (91-281 feet)
  • Barra Shopping Mall
  • Barra Bus Stop