San Antonio, TX

Best San Antonio Neighborhoods for Running

Flickr: Tony Kent

San Antonio has some attractive neighborhoods for running, which make for a nice variation from the River Walk and the city’s signature parks. We prefer the older, historic neighborhoods closer to downtown. The tree-lined streets offer some shade during San Antonio’s brutally hot summers!  Note: we only include neighborhoods that are publicly accessible, noting that some of San Antonio’s fanciest neighborhood are gated communities.

Olmos Park, Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills. This is our favorite neighborhood running in San Antonio. Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills are two attractive, historic neighborhoods on the east side of Olmos Basin Park, just north of downtown. Pleasant, tree-lined streets with attractive homes boasting a mix of architectural styles. The Olmos Park neighborhood, on the west side of the park, is also a gorgeous neighborhood for running.

Mahncke Park. Fun, eclectic neighborhood that’s fun to explore on foot. Combine with Brackenridge Park.

King William. One of the fun neighborhoods off the River Walk. There are some ornate 19th-century mansions. The area has also now become a fun indie arts scene. The adjacent Lavaca neighborhood is also enjoyable for running.

Stone Oak. This is a newer area, 15 miles north of the city, and is more of a series of neighborhoods. Winding, hilly, quiet roads, with large homes. The area starts north of Highway 1604 (North Loop Rd.). Panther Springs Park, in the west side of the neighborhood, has some good paths and trails for running with good views.