San Antonio, TX

Hills and Dale Run

This is a popular combination ‘run and eat’, and a way to get a taste of Hill country not too far from downtown, and near UT San Antonio. The run starts at the well-known Hills and Dale biker bar, next to Aguascalientes Taqueria, which is famous for breakfast tacos (do the run first!). It’s a pleasant and hilly neighborhood run, topping out at High Mountain Road, with great views of San Antonio. A good add-on is to take Babcock Rd. across the highway and enjoy the paths on the campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio. Also, it’s near Six Flags amusement park — drop the kids and go for a run!

  • 3.1 mile loop
  • 182 feet
  • Hills and Dales Ice House
  • 17 miles from downtown