San Antonio, TX

Salado Creek Greenway & Linear Parks

Creative Commons: dq5studios

The Salado Creek Greenway is a 28-mile long paved multi-use path in northern San Antonio that can be run in its own right or used to connect several parks. There are large Pecan, Live Oak trees and Texas Cedar Elm trees, cliff faces, and natural limestone outcroppings along beautiful stretches of Salado Creek. There are open water views in some sections, while other sections are park-like and a bit more wooded. We’ve divided the Greenway is divided into two sections — a northern section of ~20 miles,  and a southern section of ~8 miles from Jack White Park to Southside Lions Park, with a ~4 mile gap between the sections.

North Section: North of Loop 1604 to Rittiman Road. Nicest sections here, working from south to north are 2 miles in Oakwell Trailhead Park, and additional trails in McAllister Park, and nearly 4 linear park miles between Walker Ranch Park and Huebner Rd. At the north end in Eisenhower Park, there are 5 miles of additional trails.

South Section: Jack White Park to Southside Lions Park. Most of the southern section is through some park or green space. A particularly nice part is the 3.5 miles south of I-10 through Martin Luther King Park and Comanche Park, with additional trails in Southside Lions Park.

Add-Ons: Numerous parks, with additional trails, are along this path. Most notable: Eisenhower Park, McAllister Park, Southside Lions Park.


  • Northern Section: 20 miles (32 km) one-way; Southern Section: 8 miles (13 km) one-way; mile gap between sections)
  • Southern Section is flat; Northern Section is 271 feet
  • Depends on section chosen. Several access points
  • Several trailheads and access points