San Francisco, CA

Angel Island

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If you want a unique, traffic-free run with views and hills, this is the place. The catch: accessible by ferry only. Angel Island is in the middle of the Bay. There are great views of the Bay, GG bridge, and the city. This is a state park that has had many roles in the past, including a fort and an immigration processing center. There’s a 5 mile loop around the island, or a longer run can include the hill to the top. There are lots of other trails for variety.

The ferry runs regularly from Pier 41 and takes 1/2 hour. Frequency varies by season.

Park Information & Map
  • Perimeter loop: 4.5 miles; Perimeter + Summit: 7 miles
  • Perimeter: 700 feet; Summit & Perimeter: 1300 ft.
  • Ferry terminal
  • Accessble by ferry only. See schedule