Santander, Spain

Good Beaches for Running in Santander

Playa El Sardinero. Carlos Cunha

There are numerous beaches in and around Santander. Some are better for running than others. Here are are our top recommendations for beaches of sufficient length and firmness of sand!

Playa El Sardinero. The main beach in Santander, and part of our waterfront route. Nice, wide 1.25 km beach with some firm sand. Combine with paths to Parque de Mataleñas!

Playa de la Magdalena. Three short beaches that can be combined for 1.2 km. It’s on the south, calmer side. Combine with Playa Sardinero (above), using paths through Playa del Comello beach/park.

Playa de Somo/Playa Loredo. This beach is across the bay, a 20-minute drive from central Santander. Good ~2 km beach for running, and a pretty setting next to an estuary. Wide, with some firmer sand near the water (situationally). One good option for running is to park at the Playa de Pedreña area, and then run on the bridge over the estuary to Playa de Somo. Nice water views over the estuary.  ROUTE MAP

Playa de la Concha. Well west of Santander. Wide, 1 km beach. Sand tends to be soft.


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