São Paulo, Brazil

Pico do Jaragua

For those looking for a challenging hill running opportunity, this route on Pico do Jaragua provides the perfect opportunity. As the highest mountain in the city of São Paolo, the peak tops out at 1135 meters above sea level. This route is 2.9 miles one-way and 5.8 miles there and back. It is a solid uphill climb on a paved road. There are also other trail opportunities within the park or to reach the summit, but they are more technical.

The park is located about 20 km northwest of the city center and accessible by bus with a stop right on R. Antonio Cardoso Noguiera.  The park is open from 7am to 5pm, and until 6pm in the summer.

  • 2.9 miles one-way, 5.8 miles up and back.
  • 1059 feet
  • Jaragua State Park entrance, off R. Antônio Cardoso Nogueira
  • Bus Access: get off at R. Antônio Cardoso Nogueira