Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Igman Mountain Roads and Trails

Creative Commons 1.2: Smooth_O

Igman Mountain is a worth-it destination run for those who want some hills and scenery. The 1,500m-high mountain, located 12 km from the center of Sarajevo, was the venue for Nordic skiing, biathlon, and ski jumping during the 1984 Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, many of these facilities were destroyed during the 1992-1995 war. Igman is a popular spot for outdoor hiking, trail running, and mountain biking.

For running, there are numerous options. There’s 39 km of tracks for nordic skiing, which are used in summer for mountain biking and trail running. It’s a mix dirt roads winding their way around the mountain and some more rugged trails. A few recommendations

Trails at Veliko polje (Big Field). Lots of options. Hilly, but fairly easy footing. A combination of open terrain with gorgeous alpine views, and some wooded sections. Access near the Igman Hotel, off the R442a Road.

Trails at Malo polje (Small Field). Another access point for the same trail system. Parking lot at the Olympic Ski Jumps.

Igma Mountain Area Tour. The folks at Visit Sarajevo have put together a fantastic recreational walk, starting in Ilidža, which is only 10 km from Sarajevo and reachable by #6 Tram. This is a series of country roads and paths, part woods, part open. The whole route is 38 km…so choose a section! It’s also very hilly — 1,000m climb over the first 15 km, average grade nearly 6%!  Access is from the Velika aleja, in Ilidža.   ROUTE MAP  GOOGLE MAP

Velika aleja. 7 km out and back, 85m gain. Beautiful, tree-lined pedestrian promenade in Ilidža. Starting near Park Banjska, the promenade goes for 3.5 km to Vrelo Bosne, a scenic woodland park featuring a spring & pool. Some additional trails there. Can also continue on the Vrelo Bosne road for 1.6 km to the Orthodox Church (Hram Svetog Save). This section has cars but there’s a decent sidewalk. ROUTE MAP.  



  • 39 km of trails
  • Hilly!!
  • Trails can be accessed at Veliko polje (Big Field) or Malopolje (Small Field)
  • Veliko polje (Big Field) or Malopolje (Small Field) are off the R442a Road