Julian Nyča, CC BY-NC 3.0

Another favorite exercise spot in Sarajevo is the Sarajevo Viewpoint, near the Trebevic Gondola Station. An abandoned bobsled track from the 1984 Olympics winds to the summit of this mountainside, which also has great views overlooking the city. Runners can enjoy the paved Apelova cesta track that climbs the peak for 4.25 km out and back. Note: It’s a steep climb, ~400m over 4 km.

Add-Ons: If you’re looking for more distance, there are several singletrack trails traversing the mountain. The Apelova cesta track between Trebevic and the city is a scenic dirt tour through the countryside. From the Samoposluga A Bus Stop to the viewpoint and back is 7 km.

  • 7 km and 4 km options
  • 406 meters (1332 feet)
  • Samoposluga A Bus Stop
  • Samoposluga A Bus Stop