Seattle, WA

Kirkland Running Highlights

The eastern Seattle suburb of Kirkland is home to numerous corporate offices, and is also a popular residential neighborhood, owing to its location on Lake Washington. Our recommendations for running in Kirkland:

Cross-Kirkland Corridor. A multi-use path that runs the north-south length of Kirkland for 5.75 miles, mainly inland. Mainly gravel surface. There are connections to numerous other Kirkland recreational spots, trails, and parks. The southern terminus is just south of Yarrow Bay, the northern end is at Totem Bay Park. There are numerous access points and parking areas, and mile markers along the path. For some variety and challenge, Crestwoods Park (3.5 mile mark) has a running track and the ‘Forbes Creek Stairs’ that can get the heart rate up.

Bridle Trails State Park. This lovely, mainly forested park has 28 miles of mainly wooded trails that are pleasantly wide and have good footing. The paths meander through Douglas-fir and western hemlock, with some western red cedar big-leaf maple and alder mixed in. The park is off NE 60th and is 1 mile east of the Cross-Kirkland Trail.  Trail map.

Lake Washington Blvd. This main road runs along the eastern end of Lake Washington. Some sections are beautiful, with great views. Other sections are more inland, with buildings blocking the lake. There is a decent sidewalk/bike lane much of the way. The best section is the ~1.5 miles from the Villagio on Yarrow Bay to Houghton Beach Park, with some views and opportunities to poke down to the water.


  • CKC: 5.75 miles one-way; Bridle Falls State Park has 28 miles of trails
  • CKC: 136 feet (one-way, south to north)
  • Numerous access points for Cross Kirkland Corridor; Bridle Falls is off NE 60th
  • Numerous acess points for CKC Trail. Bridle Falls is off NE 60th (1 mile east of CKC Trail)