Seattle, WA

Soos Creek Trail (Renton to Kent)

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The Soos Creek Trail is a terrific multi-use path that runs between Renton and Lake Meridian in Kent. The paved trail is about 7 miles in length, traveling through wetlands and farmland. The north end is in Renton at 192nd St., and runs south to Lake Meridian. There are several access points to the trail along the way. Can also connect to the Lake Youngs Trail. The northern terminus is about 15 miles southeast of downtown Seattle.

Add-Ons: Connect to the  9-mile Lake Youngs Trail.

  • Up to 6.3 miles (10.2 km) one-way
  • 225 feet (68m) one-way, north to south
  •  North End: 192nd St. in Renton. Numerous other access point
  • Public Transport: Bus Route 168