Seville, Spain

Parque Vega de Triana and Guadalquivir River Paths

Vega de Triana Park. Wikimedia Commons CarlosVdeHabsburgo

For a longer off-road run, there are some decent paths along the Guadalquivir River west of the city center. The most seamless stretch are the gravel paths starting on the western side of the river at the Puente de la Señorita (bridge), heading north for ~3.5 km to just past the SE-30. Note the paths are gravel, a bit dusty, and there are only occasional water views. One can continue even further north on a path that is less developed. There are also some quieter roads passing fields and farms once you’re north of the SE-30. It’s up to 7.4 k

River path, west side. Google Street View

We also like combining the river paths with the Vega de Triana Park, which has numerous paths along its nearly 2 km length. Unfortunately, there aren’t any particularly good crossings over the river. You can use Puente de la Señorita, but it takes a rather unpleasant 1 km loop around busy roads to access the bridge (see route map). There’s a path on the eastern side of the river as well, through Vega de Triana Park, and then continuing north.

Add-Ons: Vega de Triana Park, and our route in Alamillo Park and Jardines del Guadalquivir can be combined for a longer run.


  • 7.4 km (4.6 miles) one-way, with options for longer or shorter
  • Flat
  • Vega de Triana Park. Can also start at Puente de la Señorita bridge.
  • Subway stops within ~1 km of Vega de Triana Park.