Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

A Taste of Running in the Desert in Sharm El Sheikh

There’s some spectacular desert scenery in the area of Sharm El Sheikh. The best way to experience some desert running is in the nature reserves. It might also make sense to hire a guide if looking for a more adventurous, remote desert running experience.

Ras Muhhamad National Park. One of the most famous national parks in Egypt, this national park is located 20 km south of Sharm El Sheikh at the meeting point of the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba, at the southern end of Sinai. It’s primarily known as a dive site, though it is also a good spot for some desert exploration. There are 20+ km of desert roads in the park. We recommend running in the Enchanted Lake area. We’ve mapped a route of up to 13 km that heads down to the Mangroves and Parque do Extremo Sul on the western side, and then down to Yolanda Bay on the eastern side.  Note: Very exposed, use caution in heat!  ROUTE MAP

Area Around the Artificial Pyramid. This is a tourist attraction, but a good place to park and run on some of the rugged terrain around there.

North Area. At the northern end of Sharm El Sheikh, there are some well-defined, little trafficked desert roads, popular for desert jeep tours, around Camp Park and the Al Madawa Eco Village. It’s just northwest of the Golf Heights Resort.  There are also some paths that get into the mountains, but use caution — it’s easy to get disoriented! See our Overview Map location.


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