St. Moritz, Switzerland

Airport Samedan Loop & Flaz River Paths

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The 5 km loop around Airport Samedan is popular with runners, as it’s one of the better bets in the St. Moritz area for a flat tempo run on a paved surface. This is Strava segment territory…and also one of the most scenic routes in proximity to an airport we’ve ever taken!

The loop straightforward. Start at the Piste 21 restaurant, and run along the road alongside the runway at Engadin Airport. It’s flat and open, with great valley and mountain views. On the western side of the loop, the road is Plazza Aviatica.

Add-Ons:  Just east of the airport loop, the Punt Muragl is a pleasant gravel path along the Flaz River. It runs south for 4 km to the inclined railway station in Punt Muragl.

  • 5 km (3.1 mile) loop; Punt Muragl is up to 4 km one-way
  • Flat
  • Piste 21 restaurant
  • Bus or train from St. Moritz to Samdedan Station