Tehran, Iran

Chitgar Forest Park

Located in District 22 in western Tehran, Chitgar Park spans over 1,450 hectares. This lovely forested park has spectacular views of the city from its many trails and walkways. Runners will find plenty of variety here, from the miles of asphalt roadways, to the 5 km boardwalk around Chitgar Lake. Those looking for even more variation in their running surfaces may enjoy exploring the many dirt trails throughout the forest. There is also a 5km cycling loop in the southeast part of the park – just be sure to keep an eye out for speeding cyclists. As an added bonus to any route, runners can head to the nearby National Botanical Garden of Iran to explore a collection of more than 160,000 plant species. We’ve mapped the two 5 km loops in the park, but there are opportunities for much longer runs as well. 

  • Lake Loop: 5 km (3.1 miles); Many additional options
  • 14-43 meters
  • Chitgar Lake or Park 1 Entrance
  • Chitgar Metro Station