Tehran, Iran

Pardisan Park

Blondinrikard Fröberg

The 270 hectare Pardisan Park is one of the larger green spaces in Central Tehran, tucked between four expressways in District 2. There are multiple entertainment opportunities throughout the park, including a theater and a biodiversity museum aimed at research and education. Visitors can see all sorts of wildlife in the park, as well as captive animals in the museum. For runners, there are plenty of paths to enjoy, from brick walkways to asphalt roads with great views of the nearby Milad Tower. A loop around the main park is 4.6 km, but runners can also cross the bridge over the Yadegar-e Emam Expressway to Nahj Ol-Balagheh Park. More paths run through this linear park, including a cool suspension footbridge, a lengthy tunnel under the Hemmat Expressway, and a series of steps leading up to the Stone Waterfall. Our route map shows a 10 km loop combining these paths.

  • Main park loop: 4.6 km. Combine with Nahj Ol-Balagheh for loop up to 10 km (6.2 miles)
  • 175 meters
  • Hakim Highway
  • Hakim Highway