Tehran, Iran

Valiasr Street

Kamyar Adl

While most runners in Tehran flock to the traffic-free parks for their workouts, we wholeheartedly understand the allure of exploring city streets on foot. If running in the hustle and bustle of central Tehran appeals to you, the best option is Valiasr Street, the long thoroughfare bisecting the east and west halves of the city. It’s the longest road in the Middle East, and famous for its lively atmosphere. The sidewalk is divided from the road by a generous corridor of trees, and while there are many crossings that can become congested with both cars and pedestrians, the lane is fairly wide. Runners will enjoy a sampling of bold architecture, historic homes, and some of the best shops and restaurants in the city. Points of interest include Marmar Palace, Saei Park, Mellat Park, and the Cinema Museum. We especially recommend running near Mellat Park and the upscale Elahiyeh neighborhood. From north (Tajrish Square) to south (Tehran Train Station), the street is 17.5 km.

  • The street is 17.5 km (10.9 miles) one-way. Pick a section!
  • 25 meters
  • Anywhere along the street
  • Anywhere along the street